AT – Days 18 to 21 – The Moose, the Witch and the Hillbilly Hiker

DATE:  Nov 3 to 620121106-152254.jpg

START:  Kinsman Notch, NH

FINISH:  Inn at the Long Trail, VT

DISTANCE:  98.9 miles (159.1 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  24.7 miles (39.7 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  487.9 miles (785 km)

The Moose & the Witch’s Titty: The Whites were not about to let me depart without one final ass kicking for good measure. The location was Mt. Moosilauke, the means of execution were white out conditions, high winds and summit temps that were ‘colder than a witch’s titty’ (i.e. in the low teens). Maybe it was just my imagination, but I could have sworn I heard Mother Nature repeatedly whispering , “Who’s ya Daddy?!”…………To which I eventually replied through chattering teeth, “you are ma’am, you are (bitch)”……..”Don’t think I didnt hear that (even bigger gust of wind)!”

Hillbilly Hiker: The past two weeks have been tough. A mild concussion, a hurricane, a sprained ankle and an increasingly bothersome tooth (hemorrhoids just around the corner?). In regards to the latter malady, by the time I had reached Rutland I had no choice but to have it examined. To cut a long story short, it needed to be extracted due to a severe infection, which likely resulted from long lingering bacteria which may have entered the area during a root canal procedure I had done some years ago. So there it is; another tooth lost to go with the crown that fell out last August on the GDT. Fortunately I have never counted vanity amongst the myriad of character flaws with which I am endowed. Indeed, with my new look I am already starting to check online for potential property purchases in Tennessee and the Carolinas. Who knows I may even have a new career path as a poster boy for Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller High Life or even Natty Ice.








AT – Days 18 to 21 – The Moose, the Witch and the Hillbilly Hiker — 8 Comments

  1. Cam – I left you a message a while back. I live near North Adams, Mass, about 150 trail miles from your last post on 11/9. I’d be glad to assist you if you need/want it – resupply, slack-pack, meals, etc. you can let me know. Jim

    • Hi Jim
      Thanks for your message and offer of help. I passed through MA a few days back, but didn’t end up stopping in North Adams. Still trying to make up some time after Hurricane Sandy.

  2. Hello Cam,
    Our trails crossed today, Nov.12, just north of Salisbury, CT at Lions Head on the AT. Thanks for mentioning your website……..WOW! Good for you! Keep going for it! You’re an inspiration to me. As I said retirement comes in March, the perfect time of year to hit a long trail. I hope you connected with the new shoes in Salisbury.

    • Hi Jim
      Thanks for your kind words. Great chatting to you at Lion’s Head. I look forward to hearing how your plans for the AT in 2013 are progressing!
      All the best,
      Ps. The shoes showed up the following day.

  3. You rock Cam! You know they train for the summit of Mount Everest in the White Mountains, right? Anyways, stay warm, or as warm as an ultralight hiker’s gear may allow. You seriously should take me up on my offer for my folks to give you a place to stay when you hike the marginal amount of miles through the state of New York. A shower, a hot meal, a stop at the local beer distributor. They might stick you in my old room, which has been converted into the homeless furniture room with really bad upholstery. Seeing that I haven’t lived there in almost ten years (Damn! That many already!) the walls might be lined with cute kitties or some other odd thing. Nonetheless, they’ll take care of you. Hike well.

    • Hey Speedstick
      Thanks so much for your support, messages and triple crown reminisces. We have both come a long way since meeting all those years ago at Barney and Sandy’s!

  4. Well hooray for surviving the hurricane! Just got caught up on some of your blogs. Don’t know how you manage to do it all. Anyway, let’s shoot for India 2013. Maybe you can finally meet hubby and the three of us can have some chai and some num num Indian food. Hike well!!!!

    • India 2013 sounds pretty good. A little village way up in the Himalayas, with nothing to do but eat wonderful food, stretch out all the kinks with daily yoga and take regular naps in a hammock. See you there!

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