AT – Days 25 to 27 – The Australian Connection

DATE:  Nov. 10 to 1220121116-193900.jpg

START:  Melville Nauheim Shelter, VT

FINISH:  Falls Village, CT

DISTANCE:  120.3 miles (193.6 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  40.1 miles (64.5 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  696.5 miles (1120.7 km)

Rambling through New England: I really enjoyed this section. The weather was cold but clear, the hiking was relatively easy and there were good views from some of the high spots. In particularly, the ridge line section over Mt Everett and Mt Race afforded some fine vistas of the surrounding countryside. Shout outs to Yukon and Jim W. Great talking with you both and best of luck on future journeys.

The Australian Connection: I arrived into Salisbury late afternoon on Veteran’s Day. Unfortunately my new shoes were not there to greet me. The PO was closed and it looked like I would need to stay put until the following morning. Enter Barbara, an expatriate Australian who just happened to live down the road. Upon hearing of my situation, Barbara offered to collect me from Falls Village (a further seven miles down the trail), bring me back to Salisbury, provide a place to stay and then after picking up my shoes the following morning, shuttle me back to Falls Village. A huge thanks, Barbara, for all of your kindness and hospitality. It was great meeting a fellow Aussie with a love of the outdoors, a good glass of wine and a knowledge of tennis history which is second to none!














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  1. Hey Swami, Yukon here. Was great to meet and talk to you on the trail that morning. I could have talked to you all day about your journey, but didn’t want to hold you up too long. Truly awesome, and I wish you nothing but the best.



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