AT – Day 44 – Shelter Rats

DATE:  Nov. 2920121204-211002.jpg

START:  Bearfence Mountain Hut, VA

FINISH:  Blackrock Hut, VA

DISTANCE:  33.8 miles (54.4 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  1307 miles (2103 km)

Another beautiful day in Shenandoah………5.30am start; 6pm finish……..tempted to press on for another couple of hours, but decided my legs and overall health would be better served by an early finish, an hour of yoga and a good night’s sleep…….quite a few rats and or very large mice at Blackrock shelter………I kid you not, some of these rodents were the size of small ponies.





AT – Day 44 – Shelter Rats — 2 Comments

  1. Hey there Cam!

    Met you the other day while slacking northbound, and have been scanning your site since. In particular I found this post hilarious. In fact I got almost no sleep at Blackrock because of these damn rodents. As I was later informed by the outfitter in Waynesboro, these critters are called Nutrias and are invasive to the area.

    Happy trails!

    • Hey Jared,
      Great meeting you, Kim and Elvis a couple of weeks back. They were indeed very big critters……..I remember zipping my bivy all the way up that particular evening!
      All the best on the rest of your AT hike.

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