AT – Day 45 – Ming’s

DATE:  Nov. 30

START:  Blackrock Hut, VA

FINISH:  Stealth site just before Skyline Drive

DISTANCE:  33 miles (53.1 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  1340 miles (2156.1 km)

On the mileage front it was a day in two parts; the first twenty were covered in quick time, undoubtably due to the promise of a gargantuan feed at the famous AYCE Ming Garden Buffet in Waynesboro (photos of restaurant from Ming’s Garden Google +)  Amazing! This was one occasion where the hiker hype actually undervalued the merits of an AT institution (if it’s not, it should be). In addition to a wondrous array of oriental fare, Ming’s also sported an excellent salad bar and a better than decent selection of fresh fruit. After two solid hours I waddled out, did some resupply shopping at the nearby Kroger’s and finally made it back to the trail a little after 4pm. A big thanks to Trail Angel Cindy Davis for the shuttle, laundry and advice during my brief stay in Waynesboro.






AT – Day 45 – Ming’s — 4 Comments

  1. Hi I randomly landed on your page while looking through and I must say that I am inspired by your hiking journey! I will be doing my own thru hike of the AT in March 2013. If you would like some trail magic like a nice warm meal or a place to sleep, I live right off the trail in the 100 mile wilderness in Maine. Let me know : ) Happy hiking!

  2. It was so very nice to meet you Cam. If you’re ever in the area, hiking or otherwise, please stop by. You’re always welcome. We can even go back to Ming’s for dinner! Stay safe, young man.

    • Great meeting you as well, Cindy! Sounds like a dinner date for Ming’s……..still my favourite AYCE on the Appalachian Trail.



  3. Dude, your photography skills have improved. Maybe it’s the charm of the east coast, but the sunset pics you’ve recently taken are hypnotizing.

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