AT – Day 72 – Neels Gap or Bust!

DATE:  December 27  20121229-091133.jpg

START:  Deep Gap Shelter, GA

FINISH:  Neels Gap, GA

DISTANCE:  33.4 miles (53.7 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  2150.4 miles (3460 km)

Lumpy & the Pirate: Latish start due to cold and slothfulness, after which I hiked strongly throughout the day to arrive at Neels Gap just before 8pm. Greeted by Lumpy and the Pirate, two AT icons that call Neel’s Gap home. The latter of the two has been around since cocky was an egg; indeed I have heard it said that he received his trail name after making cameo appearances in the classic Errol Flynn swashbucklers, Captain Blood and the Sea Hawk. Good guys both, I enjoyed a very humorous conversation with them regarding all things AT, over pasta, pizza and a couple of beers. Onwards to Springer!








AT – Day 72 – Neels Gap or Bust! — 4 Comments

  1. It was great talking to you in Deep Gap shelter. You have shared some valuable wisdom with me and it will make future hike much more enjoyable. I glad that you completed the AT as you mentioned you wanted to in the shelter. I would also like to apologize for waking you up so early @ Deep Gap!

    • Good meeting you as well. I think Deep Gap may have been my favourite shelter on the whole AT. The fact that temps were in the low teens and the wind was absolutely howling may have had something to do with it. Thanks again for the dinner leftovers!

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