12 Long Walks: How did you afford it?

One of the questions I was most commonly asked during the course of my journey was, ” how do you afford to do what you are doing?”

1. Age: I’m 43, not 23. I worked and saved for a lot of years.

2. No wife

3. No kids …….at least that I’m aware of.

4. No vices………that I’m willing to admit in the public domain.

5. Simple tastes: I have never had a desire for fancy clothes, cars, homes, etc. Indeed, just the other day I was chatting with the guy at the Rolex Service Center in Beverly Hills about this very subject.

6. Accommodation: It’s not like I’m staying in the Hilton every night; 95% of the time I’m camping, otherwise I am either staying with friends, in a budget motel or occasionally with trail angels.

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