PNT – Stage 4 – Bonaparte Lake to Northport


God’s Country

Distance:  147 miles ( km)

Time:  5 days  (7/28/11 – 8/1/11)

Avg. Miles per day:  29.4 miles (47.3 km)

Total Miles:  810 miles (1303.3 km)


  • Matteson’s at Northport: Upon reaching the end of this section, I took my second zero day at Matteson’s B&B. Incredible hospitality. Bert and Gerry definitely rate as the Pacific Northwest’s No.1 trail angels. Favourite stopover of the entire PNT.


  • “God’s Country”: Just before making my way up to the Clackamas Mountain area, I chatted with an old rancher who informed me that I was about to enter “God’s Country.” During the next few hours I passed by countless abandoned cars, polluted springs, reams of horse shit and every kind of “no trespassing” sign imaginable. The entire time I was thinking, 1. That rancher needs to get out more, and; 2. If this is god’s country, atheism is beginning to look pretty good.
  • Road Walk: Thirty plus road miles into Northport. Thankfully it was mostly dirt rather than cement.

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