PNT – Stage 5 – Northport to Bonners Ferry


Lookout Mountain Fire Tower | Selkirk Mountains

Distance:  149 miles (239.7 km)

Time:  6 days  (8/2/11 – 8/7/11)……..includes rest day in Northport.

Avg. Miles per day:  24.8 miles (40 km)

Total Miles:  959 miles (1543 km)


  • Metaline Falls, WA:  Population 238Possibly my favourite town on the PNT. Stayed at the venerable Hotel Washington. What it lacked in cleanliness, it almost made up for in character.
  • Sullivan & Priest Lakes:  Well maintained trails and impressive vistas. Enjoyed a lunch of Sumo-like proportions with a local family camped by Upper Priest Lake.
  • The Selkirks:  Views from Lookout Mountain Fire Tower & the Selkirk Crest were amongst the best of the entire PNT. Jagged granite peaks and glacially sculpted ridges reminded me more than a little of the High Sierra.


  • Two and a half hour wait for a hitch into Bonner’s Ferry.

Notes & Musings:

  • Selkirk Crest:  If you don’t mind a bit of boulder hopping and your routefinding/navigation skills are good, I highly recommend taking Li Brannfor’s “Selkirk Crest-Lion’s Head Alternate.” This route, which stays high along the crest rather than dropping down to Lion’s Creek, offers some of the best views of the entire PNT and although slow going at times, it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

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