Dirtmonger, Lint and the Vagabond Loop

Whilst walking through the Bob Marshall wilderness last year, I had the good fortune to run into Lint and Dirtmonger (pictured below – DM on the right). Strong hikers both, they were on the last leg of a northbound CDT journey. We chatted for about 40 minutes over breakfast, before heading our separate ways. Recently I have been in contact with Dirtmonger (a.k.a. Ryan Sylva) in regards to a long distance trek he is planning through the southwest of the United States. He is calling it the Vagabond Loop, an approximately 3500 miles route connecting four of North America’s finest long distance hikes, namely the Arizona (AZT), Hayduke (HT), Colorado (CT) and Grand Enchantment Trails (GET). The starting date is April 4 and Dirtmonger will be joined on the first leg of the journey by his old CDT buddy, Lint. Best of luck, guys, it should be an amazing trip!

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