Facebook, Colonoscopies & Tooth Extractions

The paragraph below is copy/pasted from my Facebook page, which I just reactivated after a longish period of dormancy:

“Within the past hour, I’ve received a few emails from friends and family expressing their surprise at seeing me on facebook. And, yes, I’m the first to admit that until recently I rated having an active facebook account right up there with visits to the proctologist and dentist on the “things I least want to spend my time doing” list. However, times change and an overdue colonoscopy along with a couple of tooth extractions, have acted as a catalyst of sorts in opening my mind (amongst other more delicate areas) to the possibilities of social media. “Likes”, “friends”, “followings”……..it is indeed a Brave New World……….so without further adieu, I will attempt to channel my inner Aldous Huxley and plunge forth (actually it’s more of a toe dip)……… Ramble, ramble………..”


Facebook, Colonoscopies & Tooth Extractions — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Cam,
    I hope you are doing well. Judging by the picture above this post, you are also overdue for a haircut. I’m just kidding, of course. I probably shouldn’t joke around with someone who could walk me into the ground. I’m not on Facebook, but I will continue to check for updates here on a regular basis. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this website.

    Best regards,
    Cal H.
    Ohio, USA

    • Thanks, Cal. That is my all time favourite cow photo………..in Scotland, it seems the shaggier the cow the better………sort of like a Ramones concert back in the 70’s or an East German women’s swim team during the same period. Thanks for the kind words about the site………it’s always great to hear positive feedback.



  2. It was fun meeting and hanging out with you at KO. Is your FB page still active? I’d like to add you… I’m easy to find.

    Hope to see you (as a speaker!!) at the ALDHA-West Gathering.

    Take Care,

    • Great meeting you as well! Fun times hanging out with yourself, Joe, Billy Goat and Jester at the One Pan Wonder table.



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