One Pan Wonders

When it comes to backcountry cooking, Teresa “Dicentra” Black has made it her mission to expand the minds, as well as the stomachs of her fellow backpacking enthusiasts. Her book and website, both of which are titled One Pan Wonders, contain a multitude of recipes that are low on preparation, but high on taste, variety and nutrition. 

At a time when many hikers diets primarily consist of preservative laden, nutrient deficient fare such as freeze-dried meals, instant soups and junk food, One Pan Wonders represents a long overdue breath of fresh air. One of the things I like most about Dicentra’s approach is that all her recipes can, as the name of her website suggests, be prepared in a single pan. This emphasis on simplicity enables the hiker to eat healthier, tastier meals, without having to carry a weighty five piece cook set in order to do so.  

I had the good fortune to meet Dicentra at the PCT Kickoff a few months ago. The lady exudes an infectious enthusiasm for all aspects of backcountry cooking………….I share a similar all-encompassing passion for backcountry eating. Suffice to say we got along famously. 






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