Andy “Astro” Lyon

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

                          –  J.R.R Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Andy “Astro” Lyon passed away on August 30, 2013. He was 24 years old. This remarkable young man hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in 2012 whilst battling Hodgkins Lymphoma. I never met Andy, however, his story is a testament to not only incredible courage and perseverance, but also the fundamental importance of making the most of one’s life, irrespective of what its span may eventually turn out to be. RIP. 

Andy "Astro" Lyon full of love and openness on the PCT.

Andy “Astro” Lyon at the completion of his 2012 PCT hike (photo from the PCTA website)

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