10 Quotes for Hikers & Backpackers

Rays of Light 2

Rays of Light | Lamington National Park | QLD, Australia | 2010

The tenth and final quote is from yours truly. The words were written some fifteen years ago during a hike in Lamington National Park. This was where I had learnt to backpack as a kid. It is one of the world’s most beautiful rainforests, and whenever I go back to Australia I always return to wander it’s moss laden pathways.


1.   “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

2.   “It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent. – Dave Barry

3.    “Nature is always hinting at us. It hints over and over again. And suddenly we take the hint.” – Robert Frost

4.  “Mankind differs from the animals only by a little and most people throw that away.” – Confucius

5.    “Backpacking: An extended form of hiking in which people carry double the amount of gear they need for half the distance they planned to go in twice the time it should take.”   – Unknown

6.   “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”   – Ralph Waldo Emerson

7.   “A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.”   – Henry David Thoreau

8.   “He who would travel happily, must travel light.”   – Antoine de Saint Exupery

 9.   “Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.” – Steven Wright

10.   “Desert, jungle, mountains or coast; I don’t have a preference. If I’m out in the wilderness with everything I need in the world on my back, chances are my smile is wide and my thoughts are clear.”   – Cam Honan




10 Quotes for Hikers & Backpackers — 2 Comments

  1. Hey! I’ve been using ” Everything is in Walking Distance ” as my byline since 2002 or so.
    Who’s Steven Wright?
    The name seems familiar. When did he say that? Probably 1701. Ha Ha.

    • Steven Wright is a comedian best known for his deadpan delivery and a knack for a pithy phrase. He’s still alive, but I’m not sure when he first came out with the “walking distance” line.

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