Lowest to Highest Trail Gear List (2014)

In the relatively short space of 135 miles, the L2H goes from the salt flats of Death Valley (280 ft below sea level) to the summit of Mt.Whitney (14,490 ft). From a gear perspective, this means packing for everything from scorching heat to temps that are colder than a polar bear’s toenails. All four of us brought along microspikes and ice axes for early season snow conditions (i.e. April).


Lowest to Highest Trail Gear List (2014) — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Cam,

    I enjoyed reading the posts about about the L2H. Some questions about the MLD Exodus as I am making the transition to lighter backpacking. With regard to using a mat as a framesheet I take it you partially inflate and fold the Thermarest.? I am thinking of buying the Exodus and would be using an old style full length Thermarest. If that doesnt work well I will probably get a Neoair short (my mats pretty old in any case).

    Also I was wondering if you have any experiences of the accessories available for the pack ie add on pockets?

    Best regards


    • Hi Chris,
      In regards to the NeoAir as a framesheet, I only leave the smallest bit of air in the mat. Next to nothing.
      As for the pockets, I have always used two shoulder strap models. I generally prefer these to the waist variety; no real reason other than personal preference.

  2. Cheers Cam,

    Its a toss up between the MLD Exodus or the Granite Gear AC Crown for me. The latter is available from retailers now in the UK, they both seem to be able to handle a similar load. Because of that my gut feeling is to go frameless with the Exodus, and make do with a mat as a frame sheet. I have seen a couple of reviews that claim the Crown isnt as good as its predecessor.

    • I haven’t personally used the AC Crown, but I’ve been a fan of Granite Gear packs in general for many years. Good combo of durability, functionality, lightweight and reasonable prices. Can you go into a store and give it a test run?

      The Exodus is a fantastic pack, but I wouldn’t want to be filling it with any more than 10-12 kilos/22-26 lbs on a regular basis (that’s including perishables).

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