Upon the Great Divide: A CDT Thru Hike

CDT office

Ryan Choi – Chief Mtn. | CDT Northern Terminus

I met Ryan “The Tourist” Choi on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2012. As soon as he introduced himself, I recognized the name. Ryan, along with Ben Deumling, was one of the first people to ever complete the Hayduke Trail back in 2008. The water information he and Ben gathered during their journey, has proved an invaluable resource for Hayduke hikers (including myself) in subsequent years. No small matter, considering that the Hayduke is arguably America’s driest long distance hiking route.

In 2013, Ryan hiked the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). He began his trip at Columbus, New Mexico on May 5. After a few weeks he joined forces with fellow hikers Trip, Virgo, Clutch, Cactus, Nicotine and Dayhiker.  The following slideshow, Upon the Great Divide,  documents Ryan’s and his buddies journey, which ended surreally in $5 Thrift Store suits at the Canadian border on October 5 (see photo).

I’d like to thank Ryan for letting me share this slideshow. It’s probably the best collection of CDT images that I have seen, and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the Continetal Divide Trail and/or long distance hiking. Enjoy!




Upon the Great Divide: A CDT Thru Hike — 3 Comments

  1. That was just so wonderful. I’m so inspired! I’ve hiked the CT twice (maybe again in August!) so it was fun to see that country. Thank you for sharing!

    • No worries, Robin. Thanks for the message. In addition to the amazing images, the soundtrack’s pretty good as well!

  2. The ship has sailed for me ever doing a hike of this magnitude but this really inspired me to hike many of the places displayed in this slide show. Great sound track too.

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