Peru Revisited


Machu Picchu / Inca Trail / 1996

Just arrived home after spending the past five weeks in Peru.

It was my second visit to the Andean nation and the first time I had been back since 1996.

Whilst that previous journey was focused more on interests such as anthropology & history, this recent trip was primarily hiking orientated.

Basing myself in the mountain town of Huaraz, I began with a couple of acclimatization treks, followed by a 5 day circumnavigation of the Cordillera Huayhuash.

Stunning in their own rights, these shorter excursions were an ideal preparation for a 200 mile (322 km) plus route that had been bouncing around my noggin for the best part of two decades. Namely a full length traverse of the Cordillera Blanca, one of the world’s highest and most beautiful mountain ranges. To the best of my knowledge, it was the first time such a “thru hike” had been undertaken.

Lots of photos as well as detailed trip reports to come over the next couple of weeks. For now, here is a small gallery of images to get the ball rolling:



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