The Wisdom of Samwise

“It’s like being at home and on a holiday at the same time.”

Thoreau, Emerson, Muir and……………..Sam The Gardener. Say again? Yep, the above quote is from none other than Samwise Gamgee, my favourite character from JRR Tolkien’s, The Lord of the Rings.

In thirteen simple words, Sam describes what it’s like to spend time in the sublime woodland realm of Lothlorien. In so doing, he does a pretty good job of capturing how many of us feel whenever we are fortunate enough to head out into the natural world.

Rays of Light 2

Lamington National Park | Queensland | Australia | The rainforest in which I began backpacking as a kid, and to this day, the place on earth that most resembles what I imagine Tolkien’s Lothlorien would look like.

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  1. I fondly remember talking about audiobooks and such on the GET, and we both said we always came back to Tolkein… still rings true! Hope all is well!

    Strider / Will

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