Wonderland Trail


Malto, Snorkel & Bobcat | Spray Falls | Wonderland Trail, 2014

I first hiked the Wonderland Trail back in 2003.

A 93 mile circumnavigation of Washington’s iconic Mt.Rainier, it was a stunning trek through glacial valleys and alpine meadows. With an impressive array of flora and fauna, the Wonderland passed by some 20 plus glaciers and entailed a cumulative total of approximately 25,000 feet elevation gain. It packed an incredible amount into a relatively short distance.

Following a recent presentation at ALDHA West, I had the chance to revisit the Wonderland; this time around accompanied by hiking buddies Malto, Bobcat and Snorkel.

Being late September/early October, it was no surprise that we had a mixed bag on the weather front. During our three days on the trail we encountered sun, snow, wind and rain. Indeed, the dramatic changes in conditions from one moment to the next, almost made me feel like I was back in my old stomping ground of SW Tasmania.

All in all a fantastic experience. Lots of laughs, great scenery and best of all, the opportunity to spend a few days out in the woods with three great friends.

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