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CDTC Logo 2montbell 2One of the coolest things about my recent trip to Colorado, was having the opportunity to sit down and chat with the folks from Montbell and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC).

The Japanese based gear company will be entering into a new and exciting partnership with the CDTC heading into 2015. Two awesome entities joining forces for the first time! For all the details, stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on the CDTC website.

Montbell Athletes

Swami & Trauma

Swami & Trauma

Personally speaking, I have been a huge fan of Montbell for the past decade. A leader in the lightweight backpacking gear industry, it has established a reputation for making fairly priced products that are functional, durable and uber-lightweight.  For a long distance hiker such as myself, that’s a difficult combination to beat.

As of last month, I began a new chapter in my affiliation with Montbell, becoming one of their small team of four athletes. The other members of the group are all very accomplished in their respective fields. One of the trio is none other than friend and occasional hiking partner, Justin “Trauma” Lichter, with whom I completed the first ever full length traverse of Mexico’s Copper Canyon region in 2013.

Moving Forward


Montbell Store in Boulder

It’s always good when you can work with organisations and companies that share similar values to yourself. That is definitely the case when it comes to Montbell and the CDTC. Both groups are very active in promoting outdoor education along with environmental conservation and protection.

During 2015, I’ll be giving multiple presentations on behalf of the CDTC at the Montbell store in Boulder (possibly at their Portland locale as well). The series will kick-off with the Copper Canyon Traverse on January 30. Hope to see you there!

Montbell Tachyon Anorak | The Wave, Arizona, USA, 2012

Sporting one of my favorite Montbell items, the Tachyon Anorak Windshirt | The Wave | SW Horseshoe | Arizona, USA, 2012






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  1. I’ve a Monrtbell Sleeping bag and of course a puffy jacket. Never a problem with either; well, none that Rainy Pass Repair couldn’t fix.

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