My “Wild” Gear List: What I carried in 1996

Macchu Piccu

Cam Honan | Machu Picchu | Peru, 1996

With all the hullabaloo in the hiking community about Cheryl Strayed’s memoir, I couldn’t resist sneaking in at least one post with “Wild” in the title. 😉

Truth be told, this list is just a fun exercise to see how much my equipment changed between my two trips to Peru (1996 and 2014). The only connection to Ms. Strayed’s book is the fact that it was compiled in 1996, the same year that she did her section hike of the PCT.

In the 18 years between visits to the Peruvian Andes, my base pack weight dropped from 12.5 kg (27.4 lbs) to 4.79 kg (10.55 lbs)……….the equivalent of 2 gallons of water or 146 Snickers Bars!

(Note: This gear list was put together through a combination of old journal entries and memory).


My “Wild” Gear List: What I carried in 1996 — 7 Comments

  1. That was fun. My Big Three once weighed 17 pounds. When discussing getting lite with people whose entire base weight has never been 17 pounds we often have different frames of reference.

    • Very true. I think having carried a heavy back for an extended period, gives you a heightened appreciation of just how good it feels (physically & mentally) to carry a much lighter one.

  2. I’d be interested to see Sheet 2, i.e. a list of what’s in your pack to get it down to 4.79 kgs. Impressively light! I’m about to walk 630 miles with a full pack, I’d be a happy gal if I could get mine down to 4.79!

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