Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Slideshow | 2012

In 2012, the PCT represented the 10th of the 12 Long Walks series. It was the only one of the dozen hikes that I had previously done (2007).

It was a trek that turned out to be a lot more eventful and challenging than I’d anticipated. An encounter with Poodle dog bush in southern CA, 700 miles of snowbound terrain in OR & WA and a case of knee tendonitis I couldn’t shake, meant that the trip ended up taking a couple of weeks longer than anticipated.

For logistics information, more photos and other PCT miscellanea, see the 2007 – Pacific Crest Trail summary:

  • Start Date:  5/6/2012
  • Finish Date:  7/30/2012
  • Total Days:  85 days
  • Daily Average:  31.4 miles
  • Rest (Zero) Days:  9 (5 days in Ridgecrest, CA with Poodle Dog Bush rash; 4 in OR & WA with knee issues)


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