Six Tips for Glissading


Joshua “Bobcat” Stacy at the end of a 1200 ft glissade on the Lowest to Highest Route | High Sierra, CA, 2014.

Glissading is fun, exciting & potentially hazardous to your health. Six points for hikers to remember in regards to glissading:

1. Never glissade if you are in any doubt as to the safety of a slope (e.g. crevasses, avalanche potential, protruding rocks or debris).

2. Assess the runout. If it isn’t fully visible, don’t glissade.

3. Make sure all of your gear is stored inside your backpack or safely secured.

4. Don’t glissade while wearing crampons. Same goes for microspikes. Even though the spikes are shorter and the chances of them catching are less (particularly when the snow is slushy), it’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. Use your ice axe in self-arrest position to control speed.

6. Assuming that all of the above boxes are ticked, a minimum of three whoops and hollers is considered mandatory for your standard sitting glissade 😀  .


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