Zion National Park Loop | Utah, 2013

Distance: 60 miles (96.6 km) approx.

View from Angel’s Landing

Avg.Time:  4 days

Start / Finish:  

  • The Grotto
  • Easy access via the shuttle system which departs regularly from the Zion NP Visitor’s Center.


  • All year. For more moderate conditions, Spring and Autumn are ideal.

Maps / Info:

  • Permits can be arranged online or at the Visitor’s Center.

Cam Honan | West Rim Trail.

Route / Conditions:

Our route was as follows:

1. From the Grotto we hiked up to Angel’s Landing.

2. From there we connected to the West Rim Trail.

3. We followed the West Rim Trail until the junction with the Wildcat Canyon Trail.

4. From there we headed SW, taking the Wildcat Canyon Trail all the way to the Kolob Terrace Rd. trailhead.

5. From this point, we headed NNW on the Hop Valley Trail.

Wado on the Hop Valley Trail.

Yours truly riding out a flash flood on high ground | Hop Valley Trail.

6. At it’s junction with the La Verkin Creek Trail, we headed NE, following the Verkin Creek trail all the way until the National Park boundary.

7. From the NP limits we took a combination of dirt roads and cross country to the Kolob Reservoir.

8. From there we headed south on the road of the same name to the turn off for the Lava Point Campground.

9. From the campground it is only a few minutes walk back to the junction of the West Rim & Wildcat Canyon Trails.

10. From the junction we returned the same way we came via the West Rim trail, eventually finishing where we started at “The Grotto.”


La Verkin Creek

  • I did this hike in July with a cousin of mine from Australia. Conditions were warmish (37 ºC /100ºF plus), however the heat was tempered somewhat by late afternoon thunderstorms.
  • Whilst descending the Hop Valley Trail section, heavy rain quickly transformed into a flash flood, which we thankfully viewed from the sanctuary of higher ground.


  • Highlights of the trip included Angel’s Landing, views from the West Rim trail and La Verkin Creek. Altogether a very enjoyable journey, which was followed by an equally memorable day hike through “The Narrows.”

Returning on the West Rim Trail.


Sunrise on the final morning.

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