10 Reasons Why a Donkey is the Ideal Hiking Companion

Looking for a hiking partner? Here are ten reasons why you should consider giving friends the flick and team up with a donkey instead:

1.  Not big on idle chit chat, but if you feel the need to have a chinwag, they are very good listeners (i.e. Note the size of the ears).

2.  No risk of teary moments or emotional breakdowns. Indeed, the donkey is widely considered to be the Chuck Norris of the equine world.


A Hiker’s Best Friend (photo from Wikipedia)

3.  Surefooted over rugged terrain.

4.  Stoic by nature. You are unlikely to hear a donkey incessantly complain about blisters, chafing or other minor maladies.

5.  Good judge of whether a situation is potentially dodgy. Donkeys have an acute sense of self-preservation. As a result, it is nigh on impossible to persuade them to take a route or path that they consider to be dangerous.

Justin “Trauma” Lichter and Darrell the Donkey | Copper Canyon Traverse (2013).

6.  Donkeys have great memories. According to mikesdonkeys.co.uk, “they can recognise areas” that they previously encountered some “25 years before.” A very useful quality for identifying potential hazards, when traversing challenging terrain.

7.  Not at all picky when it comes to food. No worries about gluten allergies or fad diets.

8.  They live a long time (“donkeys years), so if you happen to get along famously, chances are you will have a buddy for the rest of your hiking life.

9.  Loads of endurance and excellent at keeping a steady pace.

10.  They carry your stuff for you.


10 Reasons Why a Donkey is the Ideal Hiking Companion — 6 Comments

  1. Brilliant! I leave for Kyrgyzstan in 3 weeks with a Swiss friend, and #5 and #10 are especially appropriate 🙂 I also met a very friendly Donkey in Kyrgyzstan last year 🙂

  2. #4 is especially true. I have a donkey and when taking him for a walk on our country paved streets, he refuses to cross over the painted white lines at the stop signs.

    #7 is only half-true. My donkey likes his watermelon in small bites. Never in big chunks. And seedless.

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