Colombian Andes Gear List (2015)

Cave Colombia

Happily riding out a huge storm in the cozy confines of a cave | Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia.

Summer in the Colombian Andes can be a meteorological crapshoot.

Dry and clear periods, mixed with torrential rain, snow and high winds. Temps often hover around freezing during the day, but subsequently drop well below zero (celsius) at night.

Virtually all of the hiking during my recent trip was done at altitudes between 3,800 and 5,000 metres (12,467 and 16,404 ft) above sea level.

In hindsight, the one change I would make to my gear list would be to swap out the Merino 150 t-shirt I wore whilst hiking, for a long sleeve/zip-neck equivalent (i.e. extra warmth & more sun protection). Other than that, I was happy with all of my gear choices for the journey.


Colombian Andes Gear List (2015) — 6 Comments

  1. First off, thanks for always inspiring to do what is really important- get off your bum and get outside!
    A question I have for you- What are you boiling water in to rehydrate your meals? I see you have your gatorade bottle to use for rehydrating, but you obviously wouldn’t bring water to a boil in that.
    Thanks in advance for any info,

    • Hi Marcus,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      In three season conditions, I don’t normally take a stove. I just rehydrate the meals in a reconstituted Gatorade container with cold water.



  2. why is your montbell sun block umbrella 8.6 oz when the site states 6.3? seems like a large difference. Is the site that far off or is that a typo?

  3. sorry to nitpick your list! I do appreciate the info.

    I saw that you have the black diamond spot at 90 lumen max. I think the 2015 max was 130 and the 2016 model is 200 lumen max. Is yours an earlier model? I was considering the spot but am concerned about the wonky controls.

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