Cows of our Planet – The Hiking Life Remix

Yesterday I came across a copy of Cows of Our Planet, one of Gary Larson’s legendary The Far Side comic collections. A wonderful celebration of all things bovine, it got me thinking about some of the memorable cow encounters I’ve had during my years of hiking.

This post is the result.

Alpine Pass Cow

“Come on, mate, give me a moment………you’ve already had your turn” | Queuing for water on the Alpine Pass Route | Switzerland, 1997

Highland Cow

The Cousin Itt of the Bovine World – Scotland’s Highland Cow | West Highland Way, 2005.


Reggae Yak | Ganden to Samye Monastery Trek, Tibet, 2006.


“Just how thirsty are you?” | Litmus tests & cow frequented water holes | Copper Canyon Traverse, Mexico, 2013.

Peru Cow

The real reason Gandalf and the other members of the fellowship failed to make it over Caradhras Pass | Cordillera Blanca Traverse, Peru, 2014.

Cattle Guard

Doing my part for the bovine populous of northern Arizona | Southwestern Horseshoe, USA, 2012.






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