Four Kinda Long Walks

Four Routes. Four States. Four opportunities to ramble around some incredible backcountry areas.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a while!

The first three hikes of the upcoming series will take place in parts of the lower 48 states that I have yet to experience. The final and longest route (approximately 400 miles in length), will encompass a handful of contiguous wilderness areas, two of which I have previously visited.

First cab off the boonies rank will be a traverse of Colorado’s Sangre De Cristo Range.

The route* will take me from the town of Salida to the summit of Blanca Peak. The plan is to stay on, or as close to the Sangre’s crest as possible. The notable exception being a much-anticipated detour to Grand Sand Dunes National Park. Indeed, thanks to this little side trip, I’m thinking of calling the route, “Blood to Sand” – or for those who are partial to their acronyms, the “BS Route.”  😉

(*Note: Variations of this traverse have previously been done by other hikers. Here’s a link to a detailed trip report from a 2012 trek from Poncha Pass to the Dunes).

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.25.25 pm

Great Sand Dunes National Park and the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range (photo from the US Department of the Interior Instagram Account).




Four Kinda Long Walks — 3 Comments

  1. The Sangres were the first stop on our honeymoon last year in early August. (Creststone Peak and Needle). And then the Sand dunes. Had a good shower at the great Sand dunes oasis just outside the park.

    Give a shout if you need help here in Colorado. We are south of Grand Junction here on the west slope.



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