Dusk is like the Sun’s Happy Hour.

Work has finished. The Moon has taken over the celestial reins.

Time to kick back with a drink or two and enjoy the fruits of one’s labour.

I suspect that the Sun is usually smiling at dusk.

Not a big, Cheshire cat type grin.

More like an enigmatic, Mona Lisa smile.

When you’re the Sun, no explanations are necessary.

It’s for everyone else to wonder.

    ~ Cam Honan



Dusk on the Colorado Trail | September, 2015.


Dusk — 4 Comments

  1. Ah everyone’s favourite time of day…or perhaps not, it’s long been mine anyway… And living in Tasmania for last 18(!) years the light at that time of day is particularly sublime(in its truest sense!) even more so than New England plateau where I grew up…I suspect it’s the eventual curve to the polar extremes that makes it so. I love the word ‘gloaming’ which I discovered in primary school to describe that time of day…evokes a waning light in a far flung place say…eg scotland, but that suited perfectly my experience of dusk. Loving it even so more recently, if I have a chunk of time to draw as the light fails as I listen to the birds calling in and settling down…find myself wishing turning in for the day was that simple though being outdoors is the best way to emulate their patterns. Have you read anything by Robert Macfarlane who has recorded some fantastic terms for the lay of the land? ( Britain mostly)… No doubt Australia has many, let alone the rich indigenous language, though much diminished, sadly. Looking forward to an imminent trip to where it is hot and hopefully pied butcherbird country.

  2. A boat captain I worked with one summer in Europe called it: ” the tenderloin”. We would tie up for a half hour or so and have a beer out on deck or a glass of wine.

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