Western Arthurs Traverse Planning Guide

The Western Arthurs Traverse (WAT) is one of Australia’s most spectacular and challenging treks. Situated in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, it’s a lollipop-shaped route that negotiates the western section of the famously rugged and inclement Arthur Range. Encapsulating … Continue reading

Arthur Range Traverse Planning Guide

When many folks think of multi-day hikes in Australia, the first names that come to mind are the Overland, Bibbulmun and Larapinta. All three are great trails. However, none of them are as spectacular, and certainly not as challenging as … Continue reading

Wilsons Promontory Southern Circuit

I left Australia in my early 20’s. I’m now in my mid-40’s. Over the years I’ve returned to my homeland on many occasions, and whenever I do I try to get in as much hiking as possible. One place I … Continue reading

Southwest Tasmania Traverse: Stage 2 – The Arthur Range

I’ve always been drawn to remote corners. If it’s out in the wilderness and off the beaten track, chances are you’ve got my attention. Throw in some ecological diversity, lots of solitude and the promise of a pretty vista or … Continue reading

Southwest Tasmania Traverse – Stage 1: The West Coast

The traverse of Southwest Tasmania consisted of two main stages – the west coast followed by the Arthurs Range. The summary below is from the first stage, a 17 day stretch from Cape Sorrell to Scotts Peak Dam. Note: For … Continue reading

Southwest Tasmania Traverse

Tassie. Australia’s southern most state. The 26th largest island in the world. Home to the the country’s oldest brewery (Cascade – established 1832), Tasmanian Devils and Princess Mary of Denmark……….pretty much in that order of importance 😉 . Some 45% of Tasmania’s total area … Continue reading

A Quick & Dirty Guide to the Larapinta Trail

Situated in the heart of Northern Territory’s Outback, the Larapinta Trail is one of Australia’s premier long distance hikes. Winding its way some 231 km along the incredible West MacDonnell ranges, it traverses ridges and plains, and passes through some of … Continue reading

Arthur Range Traverse – Trip Report

Distance: 42 miles (68 km) Time: 5 days Note: The time needed to do this hike can vary dramatically depending on the conditions, as well as the fitness and experience of the hiker. As a general reference, John Chapman, in … Continue reading

Springbrook – O’Reilly’s | QLD, Australia, 2009

Distance : 36 miles (58 km) approx. Avg.Time :  2 or 3 days. Start / Finish : Settlement Campground, Springbrook National Park – O’Reilly’s, Lamington National Park. As of 2013, there are no public transport options to either trailhead. If … Continue reading

South Coast Track | TAS, Australia, 2002

Distance :  80 km approx. Avg.Time :  5 days Start / Finish : Cockle Creek – Melaleuca Click here for public transport options to Cockle Creek. Melaleuca is accessible by light aeroplane with Par-Avion. Season : November – April February … Continue reading

Western Arthurs Traverse | Tasmania, Australia, 2002

This post was updated and expanded in December, 2018 – click here for details. If you are interested in something a little longer and more challenging in the same neighbourhood, see the Arthur Range Traverse Planning guide, which provides a … Continue reading