Copper Canyon Traverse (CCT) Slideshow

On the morning of December 12, 2013, Justin and I reached the ‘Cumbres de Sinforosa’, the finishing point for our 24 day traverse of Mexico´s Copper Canyon region. It was an eventful journey, marked by memorable characters, amazing scenery, challenging … Continue reading

CCT – Stage 4 – Batopilas to Cumbres de Sinforosa

Date:  December 6-12 ( 6 days) Start:  Batopilas Finish:  Cumbres de Sinforosa Distance: 130.5 miles (210 km) Daily Average:  21.7 miles (35 km) Total Distance:  381 miles (613 km) The Highs and Lows of the CCT We reached the fog shrouded … Continue reading

CCT – Stage 3 – Divisadero to Batopilas

Date: December 2-5 (3.5 days) Start:  Divisadero Finish:  Batopilas Distance:  65.9 miles (106 km) Daily Average: 18.8 miles (30.3 km) Total Distance: 250.4 miles (403 km) Urique High Route Leaving Divisadero, our route skirted the western rim of Urique canyon. … Continue reading

CCT – Stage 2 – Creel to Divisadero

Date:  November 27 – 30 (3.5 days) Start:  Creel Finish:  Divisadero Distance:  41.5 miles (67 km) Daily Average:  11. 8 miles (19.1 km) Total Distance:  184.5 miles (297 km) The Junkie Whilst hiking out of Creel at the beginning of … Continue reading

CCT – Stage 1 – Basaseachic Falls to Creel

Date: November 19 – 26 (7.5 days) Start: Basaseachic Falls Finish:  Creel Distance: 143 miles (230 km) Daily Average: 19.1 miles (30.7 km) Total Distance: 143 miles (230 km) The Beginning Our trip began at Basaseachic Falls (246 m / 807 ft). Located in … Continue reading

Full Length Traverse of Mexico’s Copper Canyon Region

In late November, Justin “Trauma” Lichter and I will be headed to the Copper Canyon region of northern Mexico. Our objective?  A full length traverse of the entire canyon system. The Copper Canyon is four times larger than the Grand … Continue reading