Southwestern Horseshoe

The Southwestern Horseshoe (SWH) is an approximately 1800 mile (2896 km) backcountry route from Arches National Park to Albuquerque. It passes through three states, five national parks and combines lengthy segments of the Hayduke, Arizona and Grand Enchantment Trails. I … Continue reading

Blood Mountain

On December 29, 2012, I finished the longest journey of my hiking life. A 14,342 mi (23,081 km), almost eighteen month odyssey called the 12 Long Walks. I had planned to end my trip at the Appalachian Trail’s southern terminus … Continue reading

Winter is Coming

“The path wound its way through the snow laden trees. The forest had an ethereal quality, that made me feel as if I was floating rather than hiking. It was mid-November in the Appalachian mountains. Winter was coming.” ~ Cam … Continue reading

A First Century Christian by the name of “Gerry”

Note: The following story took place during my 2011 thru hike of the Pacific Northwest Trail. The Tungsten Mining cabins are situated in Washington’s Pasayten Wilderness. After a long day’s walk in the rain, I arrived at the Tungsten Mining … Continue reading

International Appalachian Trail | Canada & USA | 2011

Distance : 743 miles (1196 km) approx. Avg.Time:  45 – 50 days Start : Cap Gaspe, Quebec, Canada Finish : Mt.Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine, USA Maps / Information : In October, 2011, I hiked from Cap Gaspe, Quebec, via … Continue reading

A Peruvian Shepherd in Montana

The following meeting took place during my Continental Divide Trail hike of 2012: As I descended towards Morrison Lake, I was approached by a latino man on horseback. He greeted me with an enthusiastic, “Hola Amigo!” Much to his surprise, I responded in Spanish. … Continue reading

ALDHA West Keynote Address – 12 Long Walks

Here is a video clip from the talk I gave at ALDHA West on September 28, 2013. This particular excerpt relates to the Southeastern Serpentine Trail, the sixth of the 12 Long Walks.  It includes reminisces about robberies, solitude, hypothermic weather and Pabst-Blue Ribbon … Continue reading

Mound Fires & Leave No Trace

“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” – Albert Einstein Idealistically speaking, ‘Leave No Trace’ is a philosophy that most outdoor enthusiasts embrace. Unfortunately, when it comes to the environment, ideals and realities are not always … Continue reading

PNT – Stage 6 – Bonners Ferry to Waterton Lake

Distance:  225 miles (362 km) Time:  8.5 days  (8/8/11 – 8/16/11) Avg. Miles per day:  26.5 miles (42.6 km) Total Miles:  1184 miles (1905.1 km) Highlights: Polebridge Mercantile:  My second favourite trail bakery in the USA after the undisputed champion, Stehekin, WA. … Continue reading

PNT – Stage 5 – Northport to Bonners Ferry

Distance:  149 miles (239.7 km) Time:  6 days  (8/2/11 – 8/7/11)……..includes rest day in Northport. Avg. Miles per day:  24.8 miles (40 km) Total Miles:  959 miles (1543 km) Highlights: Metaline Falls, WA:  Population 238. Possibly my favourite town on the PNT. Stayed … Continue reading

PNT – Stage 3 – Ross Lake to Bonaparte Lake

Distance:  205 miles (329.8 km) Time:  7 days  (7/21/11 – 7/27/11) Avg. Miles per day:  29.3 miles (47.1 km) Total Miles:  663 miles (1066.8 km) Highlights: The Cascades Revisited:  The final stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail from Harts Pass to Manning Park … Continue reading

PNT – Stage 2 – Port Townsend to Ross Lake

Distance:  226 miles approx. (363.6 km) Time:  8.5 days (7/12/11 – 7/20/11) Daily Average:  26.6 miles (42.8 km) Total Distance:  458 miles (736.9 km) Highlights: Edison Culinary crawl:  Tiny place. I’ve seen bigger towns made of leggo. Nonetheless, in the space … Continue reading