Introducing “Quick and Dirty Hiking Guides”

On July 22, 2017, Paul “Mags” Magnanti and I became hiking guidebook authors (woohoo!). Specifically we released the first two books in the Quick and Dirty Hiking Guide series. They are titled, 12 Classic Hikes in Colorado and 12 Classic … Continue reading

Southeastern Serpentine Trail

The Southeastern Serpentine Trail (SST) is an almost 600 mile trek through the southern part of the Appalachian mountains. It passes through four states and consists of a combination of the Foothills, Bartram and Benton Mackaye trails, along with the Smokies section of the Appalachian … Continue reading

Winter is Coming

“The path wound its way through the snow laden trees. The forest had an ethereal quality, that made me feel as if I was floating rather than hiking. It was mid-November in the Appalachian mountains. Winter was coming.” ~ Cam … Continue reading

Foothills Trail | USA, 2011

Distance:  76 miles approx. (122 km) Start:  Table Rock State Park, SC Finish:  Oconee State Park, NC Avg. Time:  5 days Maps & Info: I used the trail map and guidebook available from Online source for up-to-date information … Continue reading

ALDHA West Keynote Address – 12 Long Walks

Here is a video clip from the talk I gave at ALDHA West on September 28, 2013. This particular excerpt relates to the Southeastern Serpentine Trail, the sixth of the 12 Long Walks.  It includes reminisces about robberies, solitude, hypothermic weather and Pabst-Blue Ribbon … Continue reading

SST – Stage 4 – Benton Mackaye Trail

Distance:  299 miles (481 km) – This total includes the extra 3 miles from Standing Bear Farm to Davenport Gap, as well as the additional 8.8 miles from Springer mountain down to Amicoala State Park trailhead. Start:  Davenport Gap, TN Finish:  Springer Mountain, … Continue reading