Southwestern Horseshoe

The Southwestern Horseshoe (SWH) is an approximately 1800 mile (2896 km) backcountry route from Arches National Park to Albuquerque. It passes through three states, five national parks and combines lengthy segments of the Hayduke, Arizona and Grand Enchantment Trails. I … Continue reading

SWH – Stage 6 – South Rim to Pine (AZT)

Distance:  258 miles (415.1 km) Start:  South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ Finish:  Pine, AZ Time:  10 days (March 22-31, 2012) Daily Average:  25.8 miles (41.5 km) Total Distance:  951 miles (1530.2 km) Highlights: South Rim:  Couldn’t resist putting in a few … Continue reading

SWH – Stage 5 – Jacob’s Lake to South Rim

  Distance:  102 miles (164.2 km) Start:  Highway 89A, AZ Finish:  South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ Time: 4 days (March 18-21, 2012) Daily Average: 25.5 miles (41 km) Total Distance:  693 miles (1,115 km) Highlights: Nankoweap Trail: Wow. Entering the … Continue reading