Southwestern Horseshoe

The Southwestern Horseshoe (SWH) is an approximately 1800 mile (2896 km) backcountry route from Arches National Park to Albuquerque. It passes through three states, five national parks and combines lengthy segments of the Hayduke, Arizona and Grand Enchantment Trails. I … Continue reading

The Hidden Tracks: Wanderlust off the Beaten Path

Yesterday marked the US release* of my second book with Gestalten Publications, “The Hidden Tracks: Wanderlust off the Beaten Path.” In a nutshell, it’s a 272 page coffee table book that features 29 terrific hikes from around the world. Some of … Continue reading

Top 10 Places to Eat on America’s Long Distance Trails

Food represents the most regularly anticipated and most commonly fantasized about subject that occupies a long distance hiker’s mind. Yep, even more than that other one. That being the case, it stands to reason that no matter whether you are … Continue reading

The Wave

The Wave is one of the geological highlights of the southwestern United States. Located at Coyote Buttes near the Arizona/Utah border, it is a multi-coloured rock formation that is comprised of interconnected sandstone gullies. Situated amongst sentinel-like conical domes, the swirling strata … Continue reading

SWH – Stage 5 – Jacob’s Lake to South Rim

  Distance:  102 miles (164.2 km) Start:  Highway 89A, AZ Finish:  South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ Time: 4 days (March 18-21, 2012) Daily Average: 25.5 miles (41 km) Total Distance:  693 miles (1,115 km) Highlights: Nankoweap Trail: Wow. Entering the … Continue reading

SWH – Stage 4 – Tropic to Jacob’s Lake

Distance:  107 miles (172.2 km) Start:  Tropic, UT Finish:  Jacob’s Lake, AZ Time:  4 days (March 14-17, 2012) Daily Average: 26.8 miles (43 km) Total Distance:  591 miles (950.1 km) Highlights: Bryce Canyon Amphitheatre: Road accessible and very often crowded, … Continue reading

SWH – Part 3 – Escalante to Tropic

Distance:  98 miles (157.7 km) Start:  Escalante, UT Finish:  Tropic, UT Time:  5 days (Mar.9-13, 2012……..including a rest day in Escalante) Daily Average:  19.6 miles (31.5 km) Total Distance:  484 miles (778.8 km) Highlights:  Round Valley Narrows: An incredible 1.5 mile … Continue reading

SWH – Part 2 – Hite Marina to Escalante

Distance:  188 miles (303 km) approx. Start: Hite Marina, UT Finish:  Escalante, UT Time:  7 days ( March 2-8, 2012) Daily Average: 26.9 miles (43.2 km) Total Distance:  386 miles (621.1 km) Highlights: Silver Falls Canyon: We hiked a good … Continue reading

SWH – Part 1 – Arches NP to Hite Marina

Distance:  198 miles (318.6 km) Start:  Tower Arch, Arches National Park, UT Finish:  Hite Marina, UT Time:  7 days (2/24/2012 to 3/1/2012) Daily Average:  28.3 miles (45.5 km) Highlights: Arches National Park:  The Hayduke Trail bypasses most of the natural … Continue reading