Introducing “Quick and Dirty Hiking Guides”

On July 22, 2017, Paul “Mags” Magnanti and I became hiking guidebook authors (woohoo!). Specifically we released the first two books in the Quick and Dirty Hiking Guide series. They are titled, 12 Classic Hikes in Colorado and 12 Classic … Continue reading

Is Thru-Hiking Really 90 Percent Mental?

This is one of those statements that you hear all the time in the US long distance hiking community. Indeed, it has been repeated so often in articles, online forums and books, that it is seems to be accepted as … Continue reading

Blood Mountain

On this day four years ago, I finished the longest journey of my hiking life. A 14,300 mile, almost eighteen month odyssey called the 12 Long Walks. I had planned to end my trip at the Appalachian Trail’s southern terminus … Continue reading

A First Century Christian by the name of “Gerry”

Note: The following story took place during my 2011 thru hike of the Pacific Northwest Trail. The Tungsten Mining cabins are situated in Washington’s Pasayten Wilderness. After a long day’s walk in the rain, I arrived at the Tungsten Mining … Continue reading

How to Ford a River

Knowing where and how to ford a fast flowing river is one of the most important backcountry skills that a hiker can acquire. Let’s break it down into four steps:     Where to Cross? Preparation for Crossing Fording Techniques Worst-Case … Continue reading

Pacific Northwest Trail

Distance : 1200 miles (1931 km) approx. Avg.Time:  65 days Start: Cape Alava, WA. Finish: Chief Mountain, Glacier National Park, MT. Maps & Guidebooks: As of May, 2017 the primary resources used by most PNT hikers are as follows: Online … Continue reading

Top 10 Places to Eat on America’s Long Distance Trails

Food represents the most regularly anticipated and most commonly fantasized about subject that occupies a long distance hiker’s mind. Yep, even more than that other one. That being the case, it stands to reason that no matter whether you are … Continue reading

12 Long Walks Overview Map

July 2, 2011 to December 28, 2012……………..14,302 miles, 29 states, 4 provinces, 28 pairs of shoes…………..I originally planned on having the 12 Long Walks overview map ready in June……………2011……………timing never was my strong suit. Big thanks to Brian “Beardoh” Ristola … Continue reading

PNT – Stage 6 – Bonners Ferry to Waterton Lake

Distance:  225 miles (362 km) Time:  8.5 days  (8/8/11 – 8/16/11) Avg. Miles per day:  26.5 miles (42.6 km) Total Miles:  1184 miles (1905.1 km) Highlights: Polebridge Mercantile:  My second favourite trail bakery in the USA after the undisputed champion, Stehekin, WA. … Continue reading

PNT – Stage 5 – Northport to Bonners Ferry

Distance:  149 miles (239.7 km) Time:  6 days  (8/2/11 – 8/7/11)……..includes rest day in Northport. Avg. Miles per day:  24.8 miles (40 km) Total Miles:  959 miles (1543 km) Highlights: Metaline Falls, WA:  Population 238. Possibly my favourite town on the PNT. Stayed … Continue reading