Cordillera Blanca Traverse – Stage 3 – Pitec to Chavin

 Distance: 46 miles (74 km) Time: 3 days Start:  Pitec Finish: Chavin Maps: I used two mapsets during the Cordillera Blanca Traverse (CBT): Alpenvereinskarte (German Alpine Club): Consists of two 1:100,000 maps that cover the entire range – 0/3a Cordillera … Continue reading

Cordillera Blanca Traverse – Stage 2 – Pompey to Pitec

Distance: 65 miles (105 km) Time: 5 days (including a rest day in Huaraz) Start: Pompey Returned to the CBT via a colectivo minibus from the town of Chacas. Finish: Pitec From Pitec, I got a 1 hr ride down … Continue reading