AT – Days 69 to 71 – It’s a Wonderful Life…….except on Mondays

DATE:  December 24 to 26      20121229-090936.jpg

START:  Locust Cove Gap, NC

FINISH:  Deep Gap Shelter, GA

DISTANCE:  81.6 miles (131.3 km)

DAILY AVERAGE:  27.2 miles (43.8 km)

TOTAL DISTANCE:  2117 miles (3406.3 km)

It’s a Wonderful Life…….except on Mondays: Monday, December 24…….yep, you guessed it, bucketed down all day. Occasionally in life there is a certain comforting feeling which comes with predictability. Like watching a James Bond film and knowing that no matter what dire predicament the hero may find himself in, inevitably he will extricate himself from the situation and ultimately emerge victorious. In my case, each Monday bringing freezing rain has absolutely not one iota of the above mentioned “comfort in predictability”. Indeed, the sensation is more akin to a metaphorical and meteorological black cloud which inevitably makes its way to wherever I happen to be walking each and every time the clock strikes midnight on Sunday evening. I bet Jimmy Stewart would understand……….

My Favourite Shelter: On December 26, I was hoping to make it to Tray Mountain shelter, thereby leaving myself only 26 or 27 miles to Neels Gap. Aaaaahhh the best laid plans! A dramatic drop in temperature combined with bone, nay soul, chilling gusts forced a a rethink. I cut short my day/evening by making a beeline for Deep Gap shelter…….what a great decision! Wonderfully protected from the brunt of the elements, this two story haven has an attic-style second floor, through which entered not even a zephyr, even though Mother Nature was firing on all meteorological (that’s twice in the same post…… maybe I should have been a weather man rather than a hiker?) cylinders outside.










AT – Days 69 to 71 – It’s a Wonderful Life…….except on Mondays — 4 Comments

    • Hey Wired,
      Thanks for your kind words. Best of luck with your CDT journey. I checked out your website. Excellent job!

  1. Just wanted you to know that I’m still keeping up with you. Sorry to hear that you’ve been so cold and wet!! What a horrible combination. We had about 1/2 inch of snow + 1/2 inch of ice on the day after Christmas. Jim got a call to pick up a hiker in Montebello just off the AT, but he said no way!!! We’ll go to great lengths to help a hiker, but will not put ourselves in danger…that particular road is very dangerous on a good day…in ice it’s really bad! Somebody with a big 4-wheel drive vehicle offered to go get him. The hiker evidently underestimated the weather and overestimated his preparations for it! You take care. Remember we’re here in Waynesboro if you’re ever this way again.

    • Hi Cindy,
      It was definitely getting a little cold, wet and icy by journey’s end! As you say, a lot of AT hikers whom are still out on the trail in December aren’t really prepared, either in terms of experience or appropriate equipment. Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality in Waynesboro.
      Take care,

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