AT – Thank You’s, Dodgy Knees and Sponsors

It’s often the people as much as the places which mark a journey as memorable. My AT experience was no exception. I would like to extend a big thanks to my friends that helped out on the logistical front, as well as all the fine folk that I encountered along the way from Katahdin to Springer. I apologize to those that I have forgotten to mention; my memory, along with my knees, ain’t what it used to be:

Nancy “Why Not” Huber; Liz “Snorkel” Thomas; Carnivore & Purple; Ole’Man & Navigator; Ilene Trainor; Mac & Mike at Pinkham Notch; Beardoh & Sweet Pea; Bamboo Bob; Barbara at Salisbury; Greg “Malto” Gressel; Not Yet; Cindy Davis; Carry On & Eagle Eye; Neville & Michael at Woods Hole Hostel; Snowman, Fungi and River Dog; Bob Peoples; Elmer at the Sunnybank Inn; Will “Chimp” Hammond; Bob & Brenda Hammond along with cousin Jeff and, finally; Pirate & Lumpy at Neel’s Gap.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to the following sponsors who were kind enough to support my journey: Mountain Laurel Designs, Katabatic Gear, MontBell and ZPacks. The 12 Long Walks may be over, but I will continue to support these companies both through the blog and the website. 


AT – Thank You’s, Dodgy Knees and Sponsors — 2 Comments

    • Dear Mama Moab,
      If more people had made me coffee in bed during my trip, I think there is a very good chance I would still be out there! In 545 days, the time I camped with yourself, Buck Mulligan, Captain Underpants and, of course, Utah, was the only time it ever happened! I shall be forever in your debt!
      ps. I am drinking my second cup of the morning whilst I write this reply.

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