Colorado Trail Gear List | September, 2015

Early to mid September was a great time to be hiking the Colorado Trail.

Monsoon season practically over, crisp mornings, not too chilly of an evening, the Fall colours just starting to kick in. I encountered quite a bit of rain during the first week of my hike, but none at all during the final eight days.


Colorado Trail Gear List | September, 2015 — 9 Comments

  1. Amazing stuff….I’m doing collegiate loop and Elbert starting Sept 19…can’t wait! Did you use your wind pants much? I seldom wear pants just running shorts and a rain skirt but concidering if I need some leg warmth? I’ll have cap 4 bottoms for sleep I could walk in if its not raining….thoughts?

  2. Hey Cam, great stuff overall. Really inspiring and educating.
    I know this questin can’t be answered with 100% guarantee, but do you think CT in September is doable in Frog Toggs jacket. Can it handle the rains CT usually provides in September? Cheers and keep the good stuff coming.

    • Hey Tom,

      Thanks for the kind words. I think the Frog Toggs jacket would be a very good option for the CT (leave the pants at home). As I’m sure you are aware, they aren’t the most durable of garments, but the CT is a very clear trail with no bushwhacking involved. As long as you take care of the jacket, it should be fine. And they are hard to beat in regards to value for money. All the best with your hike!



  3. Hello. I am hiking the CT in July. My packed clothing list right now looks very similar to yours, but I am wondering if there is any clothing items you would change if you were to have hiked the CT in the summer vs. Fall? Would you still carry a down jacket over synthetic?


    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the message. For 3 season conditions in the Rockies, I’d stick with the lightweight down jacket.

      All the best on the CT!



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