Why I Rarely Miss a Sunrise

Missing a sunrise while out in the wilderness, is the backcountry equivalent of listening to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water without catching the opening guitar riff.

Here are five reasons why I’m always up before the sun:

1.  Every sunrise is a gift, and I’ve never been one to tell Mother Nature, “thanks, but no thanks.”

2.  If the animals are waking, why wouldn’t I follow suit? I’ve always felt at home in the woods, and if the rest of my family is up it seems only right that I should be as well.

3.  There is an energy that exists at dawn that you don’t find at other times of the day. I choose to be walking amongst it; not catching Z’s in a sleeping bag underneath a piece of nylon.

4.  My sense of wonder has never changed. The thrill I’d feel as a kid watching the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean, is the same at age 47 as it ever was growing up back in Australia.

5.  I’m an early riser by nature. I really don’t have much choice in the matter. 😉


Sunrise over Stephens Pond | Adirondacks, NY, 2015.



Why I Rarely Miss a Sunrise — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Cam, I echo your sentiment here, and agree with all 5 of your reasons!
    I live at the base of a 10K ft. mt. & watching the sun work it’s way down, the stillness & peace, seeing the animals excited to warm up, find a snack & greet each other, is cool.
    And, it’s just very nice to watch as the light & temps change into whatever day it’s going to be.
    And, if you need to be at another spot that day, you’ve got a nice bit of “$ in the bank”, to get there.
    Thxs Scott2

  2. The sun rising was never more beautiful than on the colored trees at Temple 88 on the Shikoku Pilgrimage. I completed the 88 temples on 12 Nov it was as if Buddha were rewarding me the colors were perfect.

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