The Ukrainian from Cincinnati

On the third to last day of the Southwest Tasmania Traverse, I camped at a place called Goon Moor. It was there I met Viktor Posnov.

Born in the Ukraine, Viktor’s family immigrated to the United States after the fall of the Soviet Union. He is currently based out of Cincinnati. Over the past few months he has been travelling and hiking around the Apple Isle, and along the way taking some incredible photos of the Tasmanian wilderness.


Lake Oberon at sunset (photo courtesy of Viktor Posnov).

We chatted for a few hours that evening and then again over breakfast the following morning. It never ceases to amaze me all the interesting people you meet while walking in the woods.

After parting ways (he was headed in the opposite direction), I didn’t expect to see Viktor again. Maybe an email or two………“hey, how was your trip?”…………”what about that huge storm that rolled through?”.………yadda, yadda.


Eastern Arthurs (photo by Viktor Posnov)

Fast forward three days. I’d just finished the traverse at the Farmhouse Creek trailhead, and was looking at a 28 mile (46 km) road walk back to civilization. The first 40% of which were on a very rarely used one way dirt road, in which the chances of obtaining a ride were roughly equivalent to spotting a unicorn.


Western Arthurs (photo by Viktor Posnov)

Not more than 30 minutes after leaving the trailhead I heard a car coming in my direction.

“You little beauty!”

As the vehicle drew closer I broke out into a huge grin. It was none other than the Ukrainian gypsy himself, Viktor. After finishing his hike at Scotts Peak the previous day, he decided to surprise me by coming out to Farmhouse Creek……… least a 3 or 4 hour drive.


Sunset in the Western Arthurs (photo by Viktor Posnov)

And surprise me he certainly did! As a result of Viktor’s generosity, instead of spending the rest of the day road walking, I soon found myself enjoying a family sized serving of fish and chips washed down with a few hard earned beers. Thanks again, mate. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to my journey!


Cam & Viktor

(Note: Viktor wasn’t the only person who helped me out during the traverse. I’d like to give a shout out to the following folks: Peter, Robbie, Turk, Paul the Cray Fisherman, the Southwest Debris Cleanup crew, Jimmy & Beth and the dreadlocked, combi-driving couple from France. Cheers!!).









The Ukrainian from Cincinnati — 5 Comments

  1. Good to read of human kindness on the trail on a day when I hear on the radio that here in the suburbs the major preoccupation, for some reason, is personal security- paranoia alive and well!
    Keep the trail yarns coming- love ’em. Great photos too.
    Mike Ainley

  2. Ran into Viktor at Pine Valley last weekend. What an amazing young man. He arose early last Sunday morning and heading into the Labyrinth where he made a snowman for the enjoyment of some youngsters heading in later that day with their parents. He was getting a little low on supplies and we had more than enough, so we shared some meals and left him with extras while he supplied us fresh batteries for torches that had died, what goes around comes around…

    • Hey Mick,
      Thanks for the message! I agree, Viktor’s a great bloke. Good to hear you guys were able to help each other out.

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