“The most travelled hiker on earth.”

   ~ Backpacker Magazine (January, 2015)

I love to hike. I love to travel. Whenever possible I combine the two. That’s basically The Hiking Life in a nutshell. As for the details, if memory serves they go something like this:


Cam Honan | Copper Canyon, Mexico, 1995.

“Upon finishing university in 1993, I moved to Mexico.

No I was not on the run from the law, although not long after I arrived I distinctly recall being told that only two kinds of people move to Mexico, “those that are wanted and those that are not wanted.”

My intention was to spend a couple of years working, travelling and learning another language before heading home to Australia. I ended up doing all of those things; however, two years somehow metamorphosed into two decades.

It turned out that Latin America suited me. The relaxed pace of life, the friendly people, the balance between work and other interests. I was able to combine my principal job of exporting handicrafts, with teaching yoga and volunteer work. I grew to love Mexico; it became my second home.


A far less shaggy version of the author some 18 years later | Copper Canyon, Mexico, 2013.

Throughout this period if I wasn’t working, I was travelling. My journeys took me all over the globe and wherever I went I took along a backpack, shelter and sleeping bag. As a consequence of these excursions I became proficient in different types of environments, ranging from deserts to jungles to mountains.

I discovered that when it comes to experiencing the wonders of terra firma – I mean really experiencing them from the inside out, rather than the outside in – I could simply find no better way to do so than on foot.”

That’s the Reader’s Digest version of The Hiking Life story. For those looking for more trail-centric detail see below, for everyone else, check out the rest of the site!

~   Cam Honan


Bio – Part 2:  Third-person prattle about some of the hiking I’ve done

As of 2016, Cam Honan has hiked more than 57,000 miles (91,733 km) in some 56 countries around the globe (“told you”).

Over the past quarter of a century, his travels have taken him from Pakistan to Patagonia and from Tibet to Tasmania (see 100 Classic Hikes for some of his favourites), however, by far his longest hiking journey took place in North America (“it’s not too late; here’s a link to the home page).

Between July, 2011 and December, 2012, he completed a trip that was called the “12 Long Walks.” Consisting of a dozen consecutive long distance hikes and totalling more than 14,300 miles (23,014 km), Cam passed through 29 US States, 4 Canadian provinces and destroyed some 28 pairs of trail running shoes! Along the way he set records for the completion of a calendar year Triple Crown (Pacific Crest, Appalachian and Continental Divide Trails – 236 days) and distance covered in a calendar year.

In more recent times, Cam has pioneered traverses of Mexico’s Copper Canyon region (2013 – along with Justin “Trauma” Lichter), Peru’s Cordillera Blanca Range (2014) and in 2016 completed what may have been his toughest trip yet; a 200 mile (322 km) solo traverse of southwest Tasmania, one of the wildest and most rugged wilderness areas on the planet.

When not wandering the wilds, Cam can be found splitting his time between Australia, the US and his adopted homeland of Mexico (“really? still here?”).

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