I love to hike. I love to travel. Whenever possible I combine the two.

That’s basically the website in a nutshell. As to the hows, whys and wherefores, if memory serves they go something like this…………..

Cam Honan CBT

Cordillera Blanca Traverse, Peru, 2014

Upon finishing university in 1993 I moved to Mexico. No, I was not on the run from the law, although not long after I arrived I distinctly remember being told that only two kinds of people move to Mexico, “those that are wanted and those that are not wanted.

My intention was to spend a couple of years working, travelling and learning another language before heading home to Australia. I ended up doing all of those things; however, two years somehow metamorphosed into two decades!

It turned out that Latin America suited me. The relaxed pace of life, the friendly people, the seafood burritos, the balance between work and other interests. I was able to combine my principal job of exporting handicrafts, with teaching yoga and volunteer work. I grew to love Mexico; it became my second home.

Throughout this period if I wasn’t working, I was travelling. My journeys took me all over the globe and wherever I went I took along a backpack, shelter and sleeping bag. By the end of 2014, I had hiked more than 54,000 miles (86,905 km), in some 55 countries around the world.

As a consequence of these excursions I became proficient in different types of environments, ranging from deserts to jungles to mountains. The development of my backcountry skill set was paralleled by a growing connection with the natural world. Nature brought out the best in me. Wandering its hills and valleys, the perceived complications of life would invariably fade, exchanged for a less cluttered existence in which less is more, and the simplest things often prove to be the most profound.

~   Cam “Swami” Honan