Northern Kungsleden | Lapland, Sweden, 2009

img_8701Distance :  66.5 miles (107 km) approx

Avg. Time :   4-6 days

Start / Finish :

  • Abisko – Vakkotavare.
  • Abisko can be accessed by regular bus and train services. Vakkotavare is serviced only by buses. See for details.

Season :

  • Mid- June to September. You can avoid most of the bugs by hiking after mid-August.

Maps / Info :

  • The complete Kungsleden (“Kings Trail”) runs for 450km.  The northern section between Abisko and Vakkotavare is the most scenic, and consequently the most popular section of the entire route.

img_8672 img_8677

Route / Conditions :

  • Well marked and easy to follow the entire way.
  • When you reach Teusajaure, be sure to take the rowing option when crossing the lake. Great camping by the lake itself.


img_8740 img_8801

  • I chose to forgo the more southerly sections of the Kungsleden, in order to link up with a route I wanted to do in Sarek National Park. If you have a reasonable level of backcountry experience, I would highly recommend this option. Sarek offers a much wilder, off-the-beaten-track experience than the Kungsleden. You can catch a bus from Vakkotavare to Ritsem, resupply at the store (a bit pricey, but reasonably well stocked), and then catch the ferry over to Akka (for more details see Sarek National Park hike description).

img_8811 img_8817

Sleeping :

  • Huts or camping. The huts are open between mid-June and mid-September. They cannot be booked in advance. Even if full, space will always be made.

Overview :

  • Gorgeous lakes, glacial valleys, reindeer and row boats. Pretty good combination.


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