Stayin’ Alive………..Thru Hiking’s Answer to the Bee Gees


Bee Gees Stayin Alivestayin alive L2H 2

To the left we have the Bee Gees, mid-strut during their classic Stayin’ Alive video.

To the right, we have (L to R) Bobcat, Dirtmonger and Malto striding down the road from Whitney Portal (finish of the Lowest to Highest Route).

Note the following similarities…………….

  • In both photos, the two guys on the left have beards.
  • In both photos, the guy in the middle is the tallest.
  • All six subjects are leading with their right leg.
  • When not wearing his cap, Bobcat’s hairstyle is identical to Robin Gibb’s (the Bee Gee on the Right).
  • Before he entered the corporate world, Malto fronted an Atlanta based Bee Gees cover band for five years between 1988 and 1993.
  • Although you can’t see them, it’s a little known fact that Dirtmonger always carries the same pair of crotch-hugging white trousers that Barry Gibb (the Bee Gee in the middle) is sporting……………admittedly he doesn’t use them whilst hiking, but if you ever see him during a town stop, I guarantee you he’ll be wearing those bad boys.



Stayin’ Alive………..Thru Hiking’s Answer to the Bee Gees — 5 Comments

    • I’ll mention it to the guys. They already have the wardrobe and Dirtmonger’s falsetto sounds uncannily like Barry Gibb……..

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